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When the FLOTUS visits Orlando, FL, you can buy tickets to her vacation package

There’s nothing like being in a foreign country for your first trip abroad.

And if you’re a fan of Disney, the Florida State Fair and Disney World, then you might just get your wish.

The US president will be in Orlando on Thursday for a scheduled visit.

However, before you go, you might want to take advantage of some free Disney vacation packages.

Here’s what you need to know.

What you need for Florida vacation packages Florida vacation package Florida vacations come with an array of perks: Free Disney World tickets If you want to be able to attend the state fair and visit Disney World with your family, you’re in luck.

According to the Disney website, Disney guests will be able take advantage in this deal.

You can take advantage by paying $1,000 per person, or $2,500 for the entire family.

You could also use this discount to travel on the first night in Orlando.

This offer expires on October 17, 2019.

You’ll also get a free Disney cruise ship ticket.

This offers is valid until December 10, 2019, so you’ll need to be in Florida on October 18, 2019 to get it.

You get a two-night stay at a Disney theme park hotel and the first three nights of a Disney cruise cruise, but it doesn’t include any Disney-related entertainment.

Plus, you’ll only get the hotel, so it won’t get you anywhere in the resort.

There are two other options, but you’ll want to consider each one carefully before buying.

Disney-themed packages That’s another deal worth considering.

These packages come with a variety of perks.

You’re guaranteed a trip on the ship for two nights, but this is only for adults, and not seniors or children.

And the packages also include the option to stay in a Disney-branded room at a hotel within Disney’s theme parks.

You won’t be able get a Disney vacation in any of these packages.

And while you’re at it, you could even get a $50,000 hotel stay for yourself or your spouse.

You also get the option of staying at a resort within the theme parks that has a Disney hotel.

There’s no way to get a Florida vacation from these packages, and you won’t have the option at all.

There is also no way for you to cancel a Florida trip, but the Florida Department of Health says it may happen if you miss a trip.

Disney Vacation Club memberships The Florida Department Of Health has issued an update on Florida vacation membership benefits.

The updated policy clarifies that if you are a member of the Florida Vacation Clubs, you don’t have to pay any dues.

However if you aren’t a member, you will still need to pay the standard Florida vacation dues of $100.

But if you don, you won and you will be eligible for a discount of up to $500 in membership fees.

Disney is offering a number of discounts to memberships.

The Florida Dental Association has a $150 discount on the dental plan for residents of Florida who are enrolled in the Disney Florida Denture program.

The Disney-owned company has a discount for people who are not members.

There has also been a reduction of annual fees for memberships to $25 per year, up from $20 per year previously.

The discounted rate applies to the entire year.

The Walt Disney World Resort is offering an additional $200 in membership dues for families of up a couple.

If you have kids under age six, they’re eligible for $150 in annual membership dues, down from $250 previously.

Disney has also reduced the annual membership fee for members who are over the age of six.

That fee went up to just $10 per person for the 2018-2019 year.

All of these discounts will be available through November.

You still have to be registered with Disney’s Florida Vacations Club, but Disney has been working with its member clubs to offer these deals.

What about the Florida restaurants?

The Florida restaurants have some of the best deals around.

The following restaurants are among the top places to eat at Disney, and they’re all on the Disney menu.

Dine on Florida Restaurants Florida restaurants offer a wide range of dining options and some great deals.

There will be a wide variety of dining choices at these Florida restaurants, but if you want the most out of your visit, you should try these restaurants: The Dining Room Restaurant The Dine Room Restaurant is the perfect place to grab a meal with friends, family or coworkers.

There aren’t too many options for dining in the Florida Dining Rooms, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

The dining room is equipped with a TV, a bar and an open kitchen, so there’s plenty of seating for people of all ages and sizes.

If it’s your first time in Florida, you may want to get an early start on the