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Samsung Appliances Package drops the price of their Couples Massage Package

Package drops from $119.99 to $99.99, the company announced today.

Samsung has already released the Couples Package, a pair of body massagers designed to enhance and deepen a massage.

This package includes a hand-crafted massage towel, a towel brush, and a towel applicator.

For a limited time, customers can grab one of these devices for just $89.99.

The Couples package will be available from April 27, while the Samsung Appliance Package will be on sale on April 28.

The price drop will also be available on the Samsung Smart App and Samsung Smart TV app.

The Couples packages have received rave reviews from some customers and have become the most popular product for couples massages.

Samsung Smart TV Now Now users can enjoy all of the features of Samsung Smart Now for just the price that it is currently $49.99 on Samsung Smart TVs and $59.99 with the Samsung S8, S8+ and Galaxy S8+.

The Samsung Appliments are priced at $79.99 for the Couple package and $99 for both the Samsung Couples and Samsung Applient packages.

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