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Why is the NBA so awful?

In a world of the perfect team, why do some players have the luxury of playing for teams with terrible basketball teams?

And why does the NFL seem so bad?

I have a few theories, and this week I want to talk about some of the best and worst players in the league.

The top 10 most underrated players in NFL history (according to ESPN’s own metric) is ranked below.


Calvin Johnson, RB, Detroit Lions 2.

Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens 3.

Steve Young, WR, Kansas City Chiefs 4.

Andre Ellington, RB (RB) Pittsburgh Steelers 5.

Mike Evans, WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.

Andre Johnson, WR Tennessee Titans 7.

Dwayne Bowe, WR Denver Broncos 8.

Andre Davis, TE Indianapolis Colts 9.

Joe Staley, RB Tampa Bay Bucs 10.

Ray Rice, RB Baltimore Ravens