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Comcast Cable, Disney Cable, Comcast and DirecTV packages for military dependents

The Military is asking for a major package of financial relief from the federal government that includes cable, satellite, broadband and other forms of economic relief for the military’s most vulnerable.

In a letter sent Wednesday to President Donald Trump, retired Army Gen. James “Jay” Nicholson, acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the Joint Staff, said the Pentagon’s FY18 budget request would need to increase by $1.1 trillion.

The military’s overall financial position has deteriorated since the government cut the pay of the Air Force and Navy in the wake of sequestration in the fiscal year that began on Oct. 1.

The Air Force, for example, is set to pay $4.6 billion more than it did in fiscal 2017.

Nicholson and Mattis also requested $1 billion for the Army to help it pay for a “significant” boost in the number of people who will be on active duty by the end of this year.

The Navy, which is struggling to maintain its military readiness, is also asking for $1 million to help pay for the purchase of 100 new submarines, which the Pentagon plans to start fielding by 2020.

And the Army is asking the Pentagon for $300 million to cover costs for a second fleet of amphibious assault ships, which were delayed in 2018 by the sequester.

Nichson said the Army will use the additional funds to offset some of the costs associated with its ongoing modernization effort, and to help the military reduce its reliance on contractors.

Nicholas said in the letter that the Pentagon needs to keep its promise to the military, which has been plagued by problems since sequestration began.

The letter says that the military has received billions in federal stimulus funding and other assistance to combat the effects of sequestered spending, but “the military is currently struggling to meet its full obligations to the American taxpayer.”

Nicholson said the military is also in a difficult financial position due to the economic and security challenges facing the country.

“The military needs a robust, predictable, stable and predictable economy to provide for the long-term needs of our soldiers and our personnel,” Nicholson wrote.

Nicholson’s letter was sent to the White House on Wednesday.