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How to get the latest in the latest and greatest in prison care packages

By Nicky LohnickPublished April 05, 2018 06:20:31A recent update to the FeedMe system for US prisons is preventing some inmates from accessing the popular internet service and putting many of them at risk of infection, a spokesperson for FeedMe has told MTV News.MTV News has learned that some inmates have been unable to access FeedMe in a number of US prisons, including New York’s McNeil Federal Correctional Institution (MCCI) in Brooklyn, New York, and the San Quentin State Prison in California.

According to a recent update by the Department of Justice, inmates who have been transferred from federal prisons to state prisons have had their access to the internet blocked by the new service.MCCE said that in a statement to MTV News that the department is “notifying the Department that an inmate who has been transferred to the McNeil system from a federal facility has experienced connectivity issues with FeedMe, a service that has been in operation for many years.”MCCUI spokeswoman Jennifer Egan said that FeedMe “is not a federal prison system provider and was not responsible for the problems” the service was experiencing.

“The McNeil Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is not responsible, nor is the McNeill Department of Correction.

FeedMe is a provider of prison-wide telecommunications services that is solely contracted by McNeil to provide prison-related communications to federal correctional facilities, and it is not in the Department’s responsibility to manage or provide such services,” she said.”

FeedMe does not provide services to federal prison facilities and we have no control over the network we use to transmit data to and from the McNEys facility,” she added.”

At this time, we are working to resolve the connectivity issues.”

A spokesperson for the McHenry Department of Rehabilitation said that the “security of our facility is of the utmost importance to the department and we are fully cooperating with the federal government in this matter.”

She said that since the incident, “the prison has implemented a security perimeter to prevent unauthorized access to inmate and other facilities.”

“We are in contact with McNeil in an effort to address the issues that have occurred,” the spokesperson added.

Mcci is not the only US prison system that has experienced network issues.

In March 2018, FeedMe said that it had “a network issue” in Maryland, where corrections officers had been unable “to access their FeedMe server and are reporting they are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues” on a few sites.MCDH said that feeder servers were “working as usual and as normal,” while McHenry’s staff “continues to investigate” the problem.

Mitch Daniels, an analyst at IHS, told MTV that “prison internet is not as secure as it could be” and that it is “a concern that feeds like FeedMe are not being used effectively.”

“Feed me is a critical service for the prison system,” Daniels said.

“They have a lot of inmates and it’s important for them to be able to access the internet at a secure time.”