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JetBlue vacation packages and movies are now available for purchase at Staples and other retailers online

JetBlue Vacation Packages, Sling TV, and Dish Network are now offering online shopping options for holiday shopping.

JetBlue has also launched a package movie program that offers up to four movies for $7.99 each.

JetBlue is offering a number of holiday shopping options on its website.

For example, JetBlue offers a number $6.99/mo for three movies for a total of $7/mo.

In addition, JetBudget has a $4.99 package for three films for a maximum of $11.99.

The JetBundle has also offered several packages, including the $2.99 Package Movie, $5.99 Bundle Movie, and $8.99 bundle movie.

The package movie offers three films that come with one Blu-ray Disc.

The bundle movie offers four films for $14.99 (up from $11 for the previous JetBucket package).