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What’s the latest on Walmart’s new $4.4 billion stimulus package?

The New York Times reported that Walmart will spend $4 billion on the stimulus package, with $1 billion earmarked for Walmart employees and $1.8 billion for local businesses.

The stimulus package also includes $400 million for Walmart’s Community Development Fund, which helps support Walmart stores in underserved communities and small businesses.

Walmart also announced it will spend another $600 million on its community service and community engagement programs.

The announcement comes amid reports that Walmart has been considering closing the stores in some of its biggest markets, such as Atlanta and Chicago.

Walmart has previously said that its stores are among its most popular destinations, with nearly 3 million shoppers in the US and more than 300 million worldwide.

Walmart has also said that it would cut 1.5 million jobs, as part of a restructuring plan.