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How to get your Hawaiian package to Hawaii

The following are steps you can take to get the package to your destination: Know where you live (you can find this information on your credit report) Call the local police department (and not your bank) to check on your package before leaving Hawaii (if your package hasn’t arrived by 6 p.m., it can be returned to your bank or credit union) Track your package (and remember, if you package is delayed, you may need to send it back to your original sender) Ask your local postal office to check your package at the post office before leaving (your package may need some cleaning) If you don’t get your package within a certain time frame, you can try to track it online.

You can do this by signing into your account on the USPS website and searching for your package number.

The site will give you the tracking number of your package.

Be sure to leave the tracking info and your name and contact information with the postal office.

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll see your package and your contact information.

If you want to make a request for your next package, you should call the postmaster to get an email about that package.

If the postal service does not deliver your package on time, you could be able to ask the postman to do it for you.

Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox.

If your package is still sitting in the mailroom, your package may be delayed.

You could try to arrange for a courier to deliver it to you.

But you may also be required to send your package to another location, which could be a police station or a bank branch.