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Why the Giallorossi have a new package tracker

The Italian champions are in dire need of a new tracking system after missing out on a new one due to budget constraints.

With the new tracker coming into effect in April, the Serie A champions are now expected to be able to add one more piece of equipment to their kit and will be able take advantage of the new system to track and distribute the goods.

The new tracking technology, known as a ‘package tracking’ system, is a system that tracks the package and its contents.

It was developed by the Italian agency Europol in collaboration with the Italian government and will take advantage to the information gathered through the system.

The team from the Serie B club are also in a position to make use of this new system and, according to Coach Alessandro Pazzini, are already working on developing their own version.

“We have already developed a package tracking system and it’s in our possession and it will be ready soon,” Pazzinis told L’Equipe.

“I think we will be very successful with the system because, with the package tracking, we have the information we need to know what’s going on inside the package.

We are now working on a package-tracking system that will be used by the team.””

If a player is not on the package, it is important that the package does not leave the player’s hotel and that he returns home in a reasonable amount of time.

We are now working on a package-tracking system that will be used by the team.”

Pazzinis confirmed that the club will be working on the new tracking package, as well as developing its own version, in order to improve the team’s data security and make the package a more useful tool for the team.

“The package tracking technology is not just a new system for us, but also a tool that will help us to better protect the information that is gathered,” he added.

“With the data we are collecting, we will also be able develop an internal system to analyse this data and make decisions on the best way to use it, in addition to improving our team’s ability to play.”

The package-trail system has also been the subject of criticism from the Italian media, with some fans arguing that it is simply not adequate.

“I think the package-trackers have a bit of a monopoly.

You don’t need to be an accountant to know how they work.

They are just numbers that you can count and it shows you how much you have spent,” former Ligue 1 player and current Europcar owner Luca Di Montezemolo told Sky Sport Italia.

“For this reason, I think we need more information, but I think it’s too late for the club to fix this problem.”

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