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Seahawks pass rusher Michael Bennett gets first crack at rookie free agent

With the NFL Draft on the horizon, Seattle Seahawks pass rushers Michael Bennett and Michael Bennett Jr. are in a position to be drafted by the New York Giants, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Bennett was the second overall pick in this year’s draft and has been the focal point of the Seahawks offensive line since coming over from Tennessee in 2016.

He has recorded five sacks in his four NFL seasons and is a key cog on the offensive line for the Seahawks, who rank second in the NFL in rushing and rushing yards allowed per game (1.69).

Bennett is also a leader in the locker room, and it’s hard to imagine the Seahawks not being interested in him.

With his ability to get after the quarterback, Bennett is a potential fit for a Giants team that’s struggling at running back.

New York has had a lot of success with running backs in recent years, including Ryan Mathews and Chris Ivory.

With a new coordinator in place, it seems like a natural fit to bring back the same type of playmakers they used in 2016 and 2017.

Bennett’s draft stock has also risen in recent weeks.

He was the fourth overall pick and is the best player on the Giants roster this year.

However, it was a rough draft for him.

He is the youngest player on New York’s roster and will be 25 in May.

Bennett is still an extremely talented player who will be able to make a big impact with the Giants if he can get healthy and stay healthy.

The Giants have had a rough stretch this season, but have also been able to bounce back.

The team finished with the fifth-best record in the league in 2015 and the second-best mark in 2016, and won the Super Bowl in 2016 with Eli Manning throwing for 2,086 yards.

The Seahawks are in need of an upgrade at their offensive line, and Bennett could be a good fit for the Giants.