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FedEx packages and the Biden relief package

The Obama administration has sent its first shipment of relief supplies to relief workers, with President Joe Biden’s package of $50 billion in emergency aid for victims of the deadly earthquake and subsequent hurricane relief package to arrive Thursday.

The relief package includes $50 million in cash assistance to relief organizations and $50,000 in food and non-food assistance for victims, as well as $500 million in emergency food aid.

The package also includes $2.3 billion in non-emergency assistance for food banks and other food distribution organizations.

The first shipment is expected to arrive in the first week of next week, according to the White House.

Biden’s emergency package was first reported by Politico and Reuters.

He tweeted that he would send his first shipment to Texas, where he has called for help to rebuild the state following Hurricane Harvey.

The Associated Press first reported the first shipment.

Biden had already sent a $1.2 billion aid package to Texas on Wednesday.

His package of emergency relief was the largest single-item relief package the administration has ever sent to Texas.

The president has said he will send another $500 billion package to help the state rebuild, which was included in the initial $1 trillion disaster relief package approved by Congress.

The second shipment will include $10 billion in food assistance to food banks, and $5 billion in aid for other food distributions organizations, according a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the plan publicly.

The White House has been working with relief organizations to ensure that there is adequate supply of food for the relief and recovery efforts, the official said.

The administration has not set a date for when the first shipments will be delivered, according the official, who spoke to The Associated Statesman on condition the official not be named.

The government is sending supplies to Texas and other states that are receiving assistance from the federal government.

The AP first reported Biden’s relief shipment.

The official said the first order was sent out at 3 p.m.


Another official said Biden had also sent a separate package to Florida, which is under a mandatory evacuation order.

A third official said a fourth shipment will arrive in Texas.

Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott said in a statement Thursday that the administration will “continue to monitor the situation in Texas and the other affected states.”

Abbott said he was “committed to helping the American people rebuild.”

He also said he would “immediately meet with President Biden and Secretary Napolitano to discuss any assistance we can provide.”

The first official, speaking on condition that the official’s name not be published, said there were reports that Biden was going to give his second package Thursday to Texas Gov., Greg Abbott, and Gov.

Charlie Baker, but those reports have not been confirmed.

The state of Texas, which has been under a FEMA emergency order since the beginning of the storm, has not had a state-wide emergency order lifted.

Abbott told reporters at a news conference Thursday that he had not spoken to the president.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to speak about the specific conversations between us because we’re not discussing what the president has done, or what we’re going to do.

We’ve talked about what we need to do in terms of resources to rebuild,” Abbott said.

Abbott also said that he has spoken with Baker and the state’s top official for disaster management.

“We’re working with Texas to coordinate our response, including providing our own resources to help with relief,” Abbott added.

Baker said he “cannot confirm or deny” whether he would meet with Biden or Abbott.

Baker told the AP that he also spoke with Abbott “to give them his full attention and support.”

“This is not an issue that can be discussed during the time we’re dealing with it.

And that is our goal.

It’s an issue for Texas and for the entire state of Florida, for the people of Florida,” Baker said.

A fourth official told the Associated Press that Biden had asked for help from both of them, and that he expects a response from both.

The senior official spoke on the condition of not being named to discuss a private conversation with a senior Trump administration official.

“There is no expectation that there’s going to be a meeting between the two leaders today,” the official told AP.

The officials said they were not authorized to discuss details of the meeting and said the White Houses plans for responding to the crisis are still under discussion.

“This isn’t a partisan issue,” Baker told reporters.

“It’s an American problem.

It affects every American.

And we’re doing what we can to help our people.”

Baker added that the White Senate and the House will “receive whatever assistance is needed” to help Texas rebuild.

The federal government has said the damage caused by Harvey and Irma is too great to ignore, and has pledged $3 billion for recovery efforts.

A total of $1 billion in the federal budget was set aside for Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief,