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How to get ready for a ‘tough’ new Congress

Congress is facing a new challenge: preparing for a new Congress.

The first Congress since the BJP-led United Progressive Alliance came to power last year is set to take place on December 8.

Its composition is already being scrutinised by party leaders who are keen to know how the new Congress will approach issues like women’s rights, social security, and the economy.

The Congress, however, has been accused of being too “politically correct” in recent years and its leaders are not even sure if they will be able to form a government with a majority in the Lok Sabha.

The BJP has said the Congress should be able form a majority, but many political analysts are sceptical.

The new Congress faces a difficult balancing act.

It is the first Congress after the BJP to have ruled the country for two decades.

But it has been criticised for taking away the power of the states and being too politically-correct.

The party has also been criticised by women’s groups and other quarters for allowing a “manhunt” against a man accused of raping a teenage girl.

But the party has so far managed to form an inclusive government, despite some criticism from some quarters.

The opposition BJP and Congress are likely to try to make the Congress more inclusive by bringing in women’s issues, as well as providing a new face to the party.

India is also expected to elect a new chief minister for a second term in 2019.