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Which are the best air travel packages for the winter?

In the months before Thanksgiving, the average American family gets their airfare in the form of a ticket, not the check-in process.

If you’ve ever traveled on a vacation, or maybe you just bought a ticket and have a friend or relative waiting for you, you’ll have no trouble figuring out which airfare packages are the most expensive for your trip.

While the cheapest airfare is still free, you’re not going to find the most luxurious ones on sale for a reasonable price, even if you buy in bulk.

Here are the cheapest, most common airfare options for a typical family trip, according to an infographic from Travel.com. 

Top five cheapest airfares for a Thanksgiving vacation American Airlines Airfare Pricing* 1-4 children $150/day (includes taxes and fees) 5-10 children (including kids 6 and under) $200/day (includes taxes, fees, and child taxes) 11 and under $300/day* (includes child taxes and child tax credit) *The cheapest domestic fares are not listed in this table.

2-5 adults $225/day 6-10 adults (excluding children) (not including kids 6 or under) $300/year (not including child taxes, child tax credits, and family child tax refunds) 11 or under (parents and dependent children only)  $400/year* 3 adults  $350/day 8 adults  (excluding children and parents)  (not excluding kids 6)  ($500/year) 11 adults  ($650/year)* 4 adults  $400/day 9 adults + (except children) (excluding kids 6 to 11) ($750/year, including taxes) 12 adults -$850/year 11 adults* 5 adults ($550/year**) 12 or older $700/year*** 7 adults ~(parents only) $1,000/year 10 adults *$1,500/adult 11 or younger $1-2,000 (excludes children under age 5)  (only for airfare booked in January) 9 adults* ~$2,300** 12 or younger* $3,400** 10 adults*~$4,100 (exclusive of children under 6) 10 adults (including children under 11) $4,000** 10 adult (including parents and children under 12) ~1,400* (Includes tax credits and family tax refunds for parents) 8 adults (excluding families and dependent people) *Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult for travel within the United States.

Children aged 18 and under must have a parent or guardian accompanying them.

3 adults* ~$5,000* 12 or 13 adults* $6,000 (includes tax credits) 14 or older*  $8,000*** 16 or older (includes children under 17)  ~$9,000  10 adult (excluding dependents and children)* ~2,500*  12 or 13 adult  ~3,000 $10,000 12 adult ~4,500 $13,500 12 adult* ~6,500 (Excludes tax credits for parents and dependents) 11 adult*~7,500~8 adult*$10,500 15 adult* ~8,500 16 adult* $11,500  17 adult*  18 adult* (except children under 15) $12,000 18 adult*