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How to read Amazon’s £5 million deal with the BBC

In the final weeks of the bidding process for the new Amazon Prime Video service, the BBC was one of a few media organisations to make its bid public.

It has now been awarded the service.

The BBC said it had “made a commitment to deliver the best viewing experience for BBC audiences” through the new streaming service, which will have over 10 million UK viewers.

The deal will be funded by Amazon and will see the BBC pay £5m for the rights to broadcast episodes of The Great British Bake Off, which is the BBC’s flagship drama series.

The programme will be broadcast on BBC One, ITV, BBC2, and Sky.

It will be produced by Amazon’s Prime Video subsidiary and Amazon’s head of content licensing, Jonny Jackson, said it was “an incredible opportunity” to “bring the world’s best content to a wider audience”.

Mr Jackson said: “It’s the first time we’ve been able to bring our world-class team to bear on a major programme, with a proven track record of delivering quality content to audiences in the UK.”

Mr Jackson, who is also BBC director of television, said that the BBC wanted to “reinvigorate our business, our business model, and our approach to our brand”.

The deal comes after the BBC announced it was to spend £4m on a new digital home for the BBC.

The broadcaster has previously signed deals with Amazon for the production of original drama shows and series and the launch of its online streaming service.

However, it had previously announced plans to end the deals in the future.

“The BBC is proud of our commitment to delivering the best service for BBC One and our ambition to be an ever-present global voice for the people of the UK,” said the BBC in a statement.

“We are excited about what we can deliver for BBC Two, and are confident that this new deal will help us reach that target.”

The BBC had previously been criticised for its poor ratings with many viewers seeing the programme as a missed opportunity to see the corporation on a wider platform.

The show has been one of the BBCs biggest draws and the BBC has consistently been one the most popular shows to stream on Amazon Prime.

In the past, the corporation has been accused of having a “culture of silence” and having a poor relationship with viewers.

However BBC director general Mark Thompson said last year that Amazon’s deal with Amazon Prime “gives the BBC a great platform for our content to be made, which helps us build the UK’s biggest digital library”.

Amazon Prime Video is available in 190 countries and territories.