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Why did you have to sign up for a $500 rebate?

FourFourtwo | FourFour articles 4.7K Shares Share Originally published December 26, 2018 09:40:24Originally published November 29, 2018 14:23:22When it comes to Netflix and its $4 billion purchase of HBO, one of the biggest questions is what will happen to the service?

While the company is still in the process of acquiring content, a number of people have suggested that the deal will leave HBO with the option of launching a new service or canceling it entirely.

While Netflix has yet to announce exactly what will be happening to the streaming service, one person with direct knowledge of the matter told the Wall Street Journal that the company will likely launch a new standalone streaming service with an additional HBO service.

While there is no official word on whether HBO will continue to offer its HBO Now service or drop it entirely, the move to acquire HBO would leave a lot of options open.

HBO subscribers will be able to continue to access HBO content via HBO Now and HBO Go without having to subscribe to HBO as well.

If HBO decides to cancel HBO Now, it will be a pretty big loss for the streaming platform.

HBO is one of, if not the, biggest content providers on the market, and the acquisition would leave it with just about every video streaming service available.

That includes HBO Now on iOS and Roku, HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire Stick and Android, and its own HBO GO service.

It’s not clear what kind of content will be available for the service in the future, but HBO is likely to continue with HBO Now.

HBO has a history of doing pretty well with HBO programming, and it’s not like the streaming video service is going to suddenly have trouble attracting subscribers.

Netflix could launch a standalone streaming streaming service.

Netflix currently offers a number, including HBO, AMC, Amazon, Netflix Originals, HBO GO, and more.

If HBO decides not to offer HBO Now anymore, it could launch its own streaming service for users that would include HBO Now as well as HBO.