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How to use Google Maps to find missing packages

The search engine company is offering to pay for the delivery of packages that have not been delivered.

Google has not disclosed how much it will pay, but it says it will provide a 30 per cent discount if packages are delivered within two days.

The company says it has been working with the National Missing Persons Bureau to make sure that it’s able to deliver packages that haven’t been picked up by the courier service.

“Google has a strong track record of delivering packages to their customers and we’re pleased to offer this opportunity,” a spokesperson for Google said in an email to CBC News.

“The vast majority of packages delivered through Google Maps are returned safely and the customer is never responsible for the cost of delivering a package to their door.”

We’re looking forward to working with our customers to ensure that their missing packages are returned and that we are able to help find them.

Google Maps uses GPS and other location data to deliver the packages.

The spokeswoman said Google Maps is available for download in more than 40 countries.