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How Biden’s $600 Billion JetBlue Vacation Package Will Affect You

First lady Michelle Obama is giving up $600 billion in taxpayer money to buy her own private jet.

Biden is going to use the savings to purchase another plane and a new yacht.

The first lady’s vacation packages are a first in the history of American politics.

The new packages will provide for a whopping $847 million in vacation expenses.

That’s a lot of vacation for a president who hasn’t flown since January 2018.

The jetpacks are also a first for a first family, as it will be the first time that Biden will use his own jet.

The president also will receive a $1 million gift from the White House and Biden will take in a trip to a theme park owned by Disney.

The package includes a two-night stay at a Disney resort, plus a complimentary night in a Disney-owned hotel, a trip aboard a Disney cruise ship and a trip on a Disney movie plane.

According to the White Star Line, Biden will be spending $25 million on a private plane and $1.5 million on an all-expenses paid trip on Disney’s flagship cruise ship.

This week, Biden visited the White Palace in Beijing.

He also attended a signing of a $2.6 billion agreement with China to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

This deal is one of the largest in history.

Biden also visited a military base in Colorado, and the president flew to Florida on Tuesday.

The president will fly back to the U.S. on Wednesday.

Biden’s vacation package is not only the largest ever spent by a sitting president, it’s also the largest package ever to be paid by taxpayers, according to the National Association of Realtors.

At least half of the vacation package was paid for by taxpayers.

The government is expected to pay about $1 billion to cover the costs of the jetpacks, plus the hotel stays.

A total of $1,842,500 in taxpayer subsidies will be provided to the Obama family, the White Sox, the Yankees, the Blue Jays and the Blue Water, the government said in a statement.

In addition to the JetBlue, Biden is receiving $1-million from the Office of Management and Budget.

Biden’s vacation costs are part of a package that includes a $7 million gift to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and a $25,000 gift to a New Jersey charity.

The $7-million gift will go toward a new museum dedicated to aviation.

As part of the package, Biden and his wife, Michelle, will spend $8 million on food and travel packages that will include a trip around the world and a stay at the luxurious Palm Beach Gardens estate.

The White House also said Biden will spend an additional $2 million on lodging, as well as $2,000 on a new plane for himself and his family.

Last year, Biden paid for his own private plane, the Cessna 208, with a $5,000 subsidy from the federal government.

While Biden’s vacations are expected to be lavish, they will not be as extravagant as the president’s.

In 2020, the Obama administration approved more than $6 million in subsidies for Biden’s personal travel.

In the year before that, Biden’s plane cost taxpayers $3,000 per hour.

Even though the government will pay for a jetpack, Biden won’t be able to use it for official trips.

The only official trips Biden will have to travel are when he’s off the trail and when he takes time off.

The plane will be used primarily for presidential vacations.