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Lash packaging reveals its brand-new ‘Naked Shapes’ release

A package of lashes has been unveiled for the UK retail market, with the company announcing it will launch a line of ‘Named Shapes’, a range of lashing accessories that can be used for a variety of hair and body types.

The company, which has a range already in the UK, announced on Friday that it had launched ‘Naming Shapes lashing sets’, which will include ‘Apex Lash’, ‘Chloe Lash’, and ‘Max Lash’.

Lash manufacturers include Mimi, who has been producing lashing supplies since 2009, and is best known for its line of lacing accessories, as well as Lashes UK, which also produces lacing supplies and lashing products.

The lashing set will include a ‘Max Lashing’ set of ‘Aquatic Max Lashing’, a ‘Aqua Max Latching’ set for ‘Aquila Max Lashes’, and a ‘Chloro Max Locking’ set.’

Naming shapes’ are a collection of laces that come in different colours and patterns, and are designed to help you achieve a specific shape.

Lash manufacturer Mimi also announced a new line of lash accessories, which include a variety lashing masks and lashes, and will launch this fall.’

Mimi has been the UK’s leader in lashing, lacing, and body care for more than two decades, and we are thrilled to be introducing our new range of lash masks, lashes and accessories to the UK,’ said David Pye, Head of UK lashing and lacing at Mimi.

‘These new products will be a perfect addition to our range and will be available to all UK retailers on October 10.’

Lash company Mimi will also be launching a new range this fall, called ‘Mimi Lash’, which features three different types of lash lacing masks, with each mask being different colours, patterns and sizes.