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The $3 billion economic stimulus bill won’t pass the Senate

Washington, DC—The Senate voted late Wednesday to block a bill from the White House to create an economic stimulus fund, and President Donald Trump’s attempt to pass a bill to bolster federal stimulus programs in the coming months was also thwarted.

The measure was put forth by Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., as an amendment to a defense bill that would have provided $3.1 billion in supplemental funding for defense programs and other initiatives.

“The Senate should vote no on any additional supplemental funding bill that the President puts forth that would provide additional stimulus,” Nelson said.

“It’s not necessary for us to get it done this week.

We just need to get this bill through the House.

We can have the Senate do its business and get back to the people of this country and fix our country.

We have to do our job and pass this bill this week.”

The measure, which had been expected to pass the House, was put forward by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., as a standalone measure.

In addition to being blocked, the White Senate Office of Management and Budget said it will not consider the measure.

A White House statement released later Wednesday morning said it would be “premature” to comment on the Senate vote.

Nelson’s amendment was introduced on May 14 and was intended to provide additional support to the Defense Department and other federal programs that are struggling with budget shortfalls.

Nelson said it’s “unrealistic” to expect Congress to do anything for the people, who are “suffering under the Trump Administration.”

In addition, the Senate will need to pass another stimulus bill before Congress is able to begin the next fiscal year.

“If we get back into session after Labor Day, we should be able to pass this stimulus bill,” Nelson told The Hill.

“We have no choice.

The House can’t do this.

And the Senate has to do its job.”

The Senate voted to send the measure to the House as an aid package, but it’s unclear how the House will react to it.

The vote was 60-39.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D_Calif., told reporters Wednesday that it’s a “sham” to try to pass more stimulus measures.

“This is not about giving the American people a little bit more stimulus.

This is not what we’re trying to do.

This was a sham vote,” she said.

Republicans have been pushing for additional stimulus money since the start of the fiscal year, and it’s likely the Whitehouse’s effort will fail.