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US Dept. of Agriculture says package stolen from Amazon package theft

The US Department of Agriculture said Monday that it has found packages stolen from the Amazon.com store of a woman in Pennsylvania, leaving her stranded.

The Department of Transportation said in a statement that the package was stolen Monday at about 2:30 p.m. from a customer in the store, and was then recovered.

The package was addressed to a woman living in the area and delivered by UPS, the statement said.

It’s unclear how the package got there.

The department said in the statement that UPS and other carriers were notified by the USPS of the theft.

The department said it was investigating and will notify anyone who is involved.

The theft of the package came amid a nationwide nationwide security alert in which millions of people are checking out from their home computer or smartphones.

The Homeland Security Department said Sunday that it was expanding its cyber emergency response to include cyber theft.

It also issued new guidelines on how to notify the public and help police identify people in cyber crime.