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Colts lose $3.2M package to the NFL on covid care, NFL’s lost package

The Indianapolis Colts are the first NFL team to lose a package of medical marijuana to the league.

The NFLPA has been fighting the decision since it was announced by the NFLPA last week.

The package included a $3,000 package of marijuana from the Denver Broncos.

It was sent on behalf of a player that had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

The package also included the following items:Covid-19 testing kit for a player, a medical marijuana card, a package from the Colts, a pack of Kleenex, and the NFL’s Lost Package.

The Colts were the first team to receive the lost package and are now suing the NFL for wrongful termination.

“The NFL’s loss of this valuable package is a clear violation of the rights of a patient to receive medical marijuana and the rights to access the medical marijuana program, especially when it comes to a player with a history of using marijuana,” the NFL said in a statement.

“Our office is currently evaluating the legal options available to us to enforce our policies regarding marijuana use and abuse.”

The Colts and the Patriots are the only NFL teams that are suing over the lost packages.

The NFL said the Patriots were awarded the package after the Patriots agreed to a joint request with the Colts.

The Patriots have filed suit against the NFL, NFLPA and the Commissioner.