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How to avoid a lashing of funds as the 2020 election looms

A package of stimulus funds to support states struggling with a $14 billion budget shortfall will be sent to the states for consideration by Congress.

The package includes $4.9 billion for education, $1.6 billion for public health and $1 billion for disaster relief, according to a statement from President Donald Trump’s office.

The package also includes $1 trillion for infrastructure, $500 million for a national cybersecurity effort, $400 million for the military, $300 million for veterans, $150 million for public transportation and $200 million for energy projects.

A lashing will occur once the funds reach the president’s desk, and Trump has said he wants the money to help states get through this crisis.

The President’s Office released the statement to Newsmax on Tuesday.

It reads: We want to make sure that this important package reaches every state.

The President is prepared to spend the $1,400 billion in FY 2019 for public schools, public health, veterans and infrastructure.

The president is also prepared to use the $500 billion for energy, including $400 billion for the National Cybersecurity Infrastructure Act, which would fund cybersecurity infrastructure upgrades.

Congress has already approved the $400B stimulus package, which includes $500B for infrastructure.

It also includes a $150B aid package for states struggling to meet their 2018 budget.