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Cox internet packages set to rise, but costs still rising

Cox internet plans to increase the price of its internet packages for people affected by the ongoing wildfires and the ongoing relief package.

Cox internet is facing a potential $10.8 billion increase in costs due to the increased costs of providing internet to people affected and the continuing financial hardship caused by the wildfires.

The Cox internet company said the new pricing would affect around 20 million customers.

“We have taken the opportunity to continue to support the Cox internet customers who have experienced significant disruption and are now faced with additional costs as a result of the wildfire,” Cox said in a statement.

Cox internet said the price increase was due to higher costs of “providing and upgrading broadband services to its customers and to Cox’s customers to ensure the services they need are available to them at all times, and to maintain the speed and reliability of the network”.

The new prices will affect the Cox customers in the following ways: The cost of providing a Cox internet connection will increase by an average of $8.50 per month, or $1.60 per gigabyte of data a month.

This is a higher increase than the previous year.

This increase is expected to continue until the end of 2019.

This will result in the average monthly price of a Cox connection rising to $9.50, or approximately $1,160 per month.

Cox said this increase will continue until 2019. 

The price of an internet connection in 2019 will be: $9.49 per month $1.39 per gigabit of data.

This will be an increase of 1.1 cents per month over the previous years.

Cox will continue to charge a higher monthly fee than it charges for the same connection.

 Cox will continue charging $2.99 per gig of data for customers who choose to pay $30 per month or more.

Costs will increase for customers with existing data plans.

Cox customers who already have their internet connections upgraded to a new type of data plan will see a $4.49 monthly increase in the cost of the service, or 1.9 cents per gig.

Cox added that it will continue working to ensure that new data plans can be offered to its existing customers.