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WATCH: New $500,000 stimulus package will be distributed by Trump administration

In a surprise announcement, President Donald Trump is expected to announce that the Department of Labor will distribute $500 million in relief packages to families and businesses on Friday, November 19, to help them weather the storm.

The Trump administration said in a statement that the money will go toward assistance for “families, small businesses, and small businesses of all sizes” who lost a job, were laid off or suffered financial hardships due to Hurricane Harvey.

“With Harvey, the Federal Government will help families and small business owners recover financially from a devastating natural disaster,” the statement said.

“We know that many families will need assistance in the days and weeks ahead, and we thank them for their help.”

The president’s announcement is another step in the long journey to recovery,” the White House said.

The announcement comes as a Trump administration official says the administration is planning to distribute a $250 million stimulus package for those affected by Hurricane Harvey to help with the costs of rebuilding.