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How to celebrate the new year without spending too much time on your feet

What to pack for the New Year’s Eve bash: booze, a hat, and a little bit of creativity.

(Jorge Ribas/The Washington Post) What to bring to the New Years Eve bash?

Batteries: Some will probably need batteries for lighting, as you’ll be partying to an incredible soundtrack, and the music is just as much a part of the party as the food and drinks.

Batterys are cheaper than regular ones, but the fact that they’ll last longer is a plus.

A couple packs of 12-volt batteries are the cheapest, and they’re also one of the cheapest rechargeable batteries available.

A set of 12 batteries will run you $10, but that’s $10 less than the usual $50 you’d pay to get the same amount of power with a standard 24-volt battery.

If you want to stay away from high-voltage batteries, a set of 10 AA batteries will cost about $8.

The batteries are also good for keeping a lot of batteries charged and making it easy to store a lot in the case.

There’s a variety of other rechargeable options available, but we’ve found the cheapest ones to be 12- and 24-cell alkaline batteries.

If it’s a cold night and you need a little extra power, you can use two AA batteries to charge your phone or laptop.

For an additional $3, you could buy a 12-cell battery, which will last around five hours.

(We’ve also been able to buy 12 AA batteries for $1.50 each, which is cheaper than buying a set.)

You could also buy rechargeable 12- or 24-pack batteries for about the same price, which should last a week at most, and can be used up to a week in the future.

For most purposes, this is a great option.

But if you need more power, it’s not the most economical option, as your power bill will rise and your battery capacity will diminish.

You’ll have to make the tradeoff between convenience and energy efficiency.

A 12-pack of AA batteries can last up to three days on a single charge, and if you have a backup battery, they can last anywhere from six to 12 days.

A 24-charge 12- pack will last about a week, while a 24- pack of a 24 AA can last four to five days, depending on how you use them.

(And if you’re thinking of using two AA cells instead of one, you might consider getting a set that has a 12 pack instead of the 12 you’d normally get.)

We’ve also found that it’s easier to find rechargeable alkaline battery packs online, and it’s cheaper to get two packs of 24 AA instead of two packs with the 24 AA packs.

If using an AA battery, we recommend keeping the battery charge at least 15 percent below its maximum capacity.

If your phone is already charged, you should not be worried about it charging up to full capacity.

Just be sure to charge it to a minimum of 15 percent of the maximum capacity of your phone.

The charger should come with a spare, so if it breaks, replace it with a new one.

For more info on AA batteries, visit the AA website.

For those that want to make sure the power supply isn’t plugged in too often, you’ll want to consider having a battery backup.

An AC outlet can provide a good way to store batteries in case you need to recharge them for extended periods.

You can buy battery chargers that have a built-in circuit breaker, which makes it possible to charge a battery in a few minutes if you don’t plug it in often.

If this isn’t an option, you may want to find a USB wall adapter to store your battery in the wall or place it on top of a computer case.

It can also help to use a USB cord to charge batteries, which can help reduce their power consumption.

For extra power and more convenience, there are many rechargeable AA battery charger packs available.

You could buy two of them for about $7.

If they’re not up to your standards, we’ve also included a couple of those below for you to consider.

If the power cord you’re looking for is just the right length and it won’t get caught in the charging cables, a couple packs could be all you need for a short charge.

They also work well for charging a phone charger, or for keeping batteries charged.

A pack with two AA alkaline AA batteries should last about six months if you follow these steps, and will likely last longer if you use a different charger.

You might be able to use the batteries for two to three years, depending.

A few people have been able for years to get their phone to last four or five years.

For that reason, we strongly recommend getting a backup charger.

It’s not just about having a charger that can charge your phones power supply, but also