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Maui vacation package deals on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Amazon Prime

The Hawaii resort community has its sights set on the coming months with a range of discounts for holiday packages on Hulu and Netflix.

The popular streaming service will be available in the state from Oct. 21 through Nov. 30, and will be priced at $9.99 for a standard-definition DVD, $14.99 per month for a premium-definition digital download, $19.99/month for a digital streaming plan, $34.99 annually for a high-definition streaming plan and $69.99 yearly for a streaming plan.

For those looking to snag a spot in Maui for their vacation, Hulu will be offering a $25 discount for those in the area.

The company has also announced a variety of offers on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Netflix will be giving customers the opportunity to save a $20 credit to use the streaming service on a one-time basis.

Hulu has also updated its website with a variety more holiday deals for those wanting to check out some of the entertainment content.

A variety of deals on Disney and Pixar titles have been announced, as well as the first batch of holiday specials for Disney XD.

All deals on movies and TV shows are on the Hulu website.