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Why you should order a delivery delivery package now, says Courier Mail

The Courier Mail has announced a new courier service for people who want to get to work in time for Christmas.

The new service, Courier Delivery, has been developed to offer customers a quicker, cheaper option to deliver packages from a post office to the doorstep.

The Courier Delivery service will be available to customers who pay the $10 minimum order and have no problems with the post office being unable to deliver it to them.

The delivery service will work from 7am to 6pm, but customers who need to pick up items on Christmas Eve will have to wait until 10am to pick them up.

Customers will also have to have a delivery bag on their person for delivery.

Courier Delivery will offer customers the choice of two types of packages: regular and business packages.

Business packages are a standard parcel, with items such as groceries, clothes and personal items.

Regular parcels will be sent to customers with a tracking number, and customers will be charged for the delivery.

The Courier Delivery delivery service is a great option for people in regional Australia, and those looking for a quick and cheap option.

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