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Walmart to offer up-to-date package tracking for Walmart packages

WASHINGTON — Walmart is set to offer a free service to its customers, offering them a virtual shopping portal that lets them see if they have any outstanding tracking issues with a Walmart package or any packages that have been lost or stolen.

Walmart will start offering this service in late January and will be available for a limited time in Canada and the United States.

The service is expected to add $25 to every Walmart package’s shipping costs.

This is Walmart’s first major effort to provide package tracking service in its store, but it could be Walmart’s biggest since it began offering tracking services to other retailers in late 2016.

The company has been experimenting with offering tracking on its own packages in the past.

Wal-Mart said it will also offer a tool to store managers to check on package status, and a mobile app for consumers to track their package status.

The mobile app will be free for customers who sign up for it.

The Walmart website has also started to feature tracking for its shoppers.

If a package has been lost, the tracking will show whether it was delivered by Walmart or an outside service.

A Walmart spokesman told The Associated Press that this feature is not yet available in Canada.

The new tracking service will help Walmart track its packages, and customers can also track their own Walmart orders.

WalMart is a big seller of food and household goods, with a presence in nearly 80 percent of the U.S. market.

This has led to speculation that Walmart could soon begin offering tracking in the U, U.K. and other countries.

But the company has said that it would only begin offering its tracking services in Canada, the U!


or the U_A, with the exception of in a few select locations in Canada that already offer tracking.